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Frequently Wondered Questions

What's Computer Science- An Introduction

Computer science is from robots to programming. Through the knowledge of Computer Science, a person can learn the internal structure and functioning of Hardware of a Computer gadget. Join in to the Computer Science Wiki to contribute now!

Computer Science is  the science of computers! Computers have done a great deal of help for us. Look! You're here just because of a computer! You're able to know the world just because of this computer! You're on facebook just because of a computer. You have a thousand friends just because you have a computer. Now do you see the importance of a computer. Although computers are great, we don't patronize the long-sitting before a computer! 

How did Computers Come?

The person who is known for sparking the idea of a computer was Charles Babbage. But the Computer(the modern ones) came into existence about 100 years after Babbage's death.

To know the about the origins of computer visit History of Computers. This page states whole history, origin and invention of now used personal computers.

What's RAM?

RAM is a short form for Random Access Memory. RAM is a type of storage device for data inside a computer. The problem about RAM is that it keeps the data on "display" or in "access" only when it is summoned and worked with. RAM is volatile that's why the data never remains there permanently. It is only used to access the saved data in secondary storage devices such as Hard drives , CD RWs, Pen drives, etc.

Know more about RAM at Random Access Memory.

Featured Article

History of Computers

The concept of a computer did not materialise ivernight. Over the ages, the computer took thousands of years to mature.

Ancient people used stones for counting or made scratches on a wall or tied knots in a rope to record information. But all these were manual computing techniques. Attempts had been going on developing faster computing device used by man...Know the History>>

Featured Lesson

What is Javascript?

Javascript logo unofficial-300x300
Javascript is programming language created by Brendan Eich for a company called Netscape. It quickly became very popular as it allowed web developers to manipulate the browser and its contents in ways that was not possible with ordinary HTML or Cascading Style Sheets. By using Javascript in your web pages, you can gain more control of how the page looks and behaves: document elements can be inspected, form elements validated before the contents are sent, browser details checked, cookies set, dates and times can be added to the page....Learn Now>>

Learn Programming


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